Hi! I'm Flor. I'm in my twenties. I like videogames, drawing, baking, reading and playing guitar.

• 100% Norman Reedus fangirl •

Warning. This blog contains a mix of the following:

Supernatural • Dexter • The Walking Dead • Teen Wolf • The Boondock Saints • Sons of Anarchy • Hannibal • The Avengers • Harry Potter • Lord of the Rings • Prison Break • Adventure Time • Studio Ghibli • Pacific Rim • Doctor Who • Attack on Titan • From Dusk Till Dawn

*this blog also contains the random occasional fangirling over other loves, food, and pretty/shiny things*

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aww this is precious and heartwarming <3 happy birthday flor!!

thank you Anique ;u; <333

I was cleaning stuff out the other day and found some old discs that I was convinced were no good but tadah guess I was wrong! So guess what I&#8217;m watching , finally, even though the subs aren&#8217;t all that great. I haven&#8217;t drawn these two in YEARS. Talk about nostalgia. Takes me back to the times when I worked in traditional media only and InuYasha&#8217;s outfit would kill my red color pencils

The person I blogged this from deserves to have a great day

(Source: boys-and-suicide)

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i love you so much, bb girl <333
i’m just gonna keep you forever
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FLOR IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY, RIGHT?! Well in my country it is XD Happy Birthday, sweetie! <333 I hope you have/had a great day with lots of love and laughter! :D I love you lots and lots and you're simply amazing and beautiful and just the best okay <333 I hope all good things happen to you, because you deserve them all!

Oh my god, how. I can’t believe you remembered T____T it’s just starting out for me here, it’s past 1 a.m. so yeah. But thank you so so much, you are the sweetest thing, JUST THANK YOU


oh man, you’re so pretty <333

thank you Amy ;____;

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yo look what came in the mail today, MAH DRAGON SHIRT~
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